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A woman pushing a young girl on a swing as she talks to a couple passing by

Our Mission & Core Values


To provide proactive financial solutions to the neighbors and neighborhoods we serve.

Living our Core Values

  • Integrity  – Above reproach in all we do, every time.
  • Accountability  – Own it. Keep your promises. Get it done. Be consistent. Deliver our best performance, individually and as a team. We own the consequences. We celebrate success.
  • Respect – We treat others like we want to be treated. Respect for ourselves, our team, our customers, and the Business as a whole.
  • Relationship-driven – We create teams to serve our customers to maximize relationships.

Speaker 1:     

In every city, in every town, a strong neighborhood has purpose. Recognizing a way to brighten a day, lending a helping hand, creating long-lasting relationships. So it only makes sense that your neighborhood bank has the same values.

Speaker 2:    

My neighborhood.

Speaker 1:         

My bank. Two Rivers Bank & Trust.