Ensuring Peace of Mind

Whether you are planning for yourself or dealing with the passing of a loved one, consider executor services. Many of our clients rely on our objectivity to ensure family harmony and relieve their loved ones from the emotional burden of closing an estate. Allow your financial professional to make the difficult estate-planning decisions using principles of wealth management that have stood the test of time and relieve your loved ones from the burden of closing the estate. A well thought out plan for transferring your wealth can protect it from excessive taxes and liabilities that could erode the benefit that you are able to pass along to those you care about. Uniform Transfer to Minor accounts, 529 plans, strategic gifting, donating your Required Minimum Distributions, giving appreciated stock, using a charitable remainder trust, and other options provide unique opportunities for you in efficiently transferring your wealth to the ones you care about. Speak with your trusted wealth management officer today to discuss more about your passions.