Use a debit card to spend and access your money. It’s like your checking account packed into one piece of plastic.

  • Access your money with just one card
  • Faster and easier than writing checks or using cash
  • Includes secure, EMV Chip technology
  • Usable anywhere Mastercard® is accepted, online and offline
  • Make withdrawals, transfers, and more at ATM terminals1
  • Get cash back at participating merchants when using PIN debit
  • Save on the cost of ordering checks
  • Avoid carrying large amounts of cash
  • Each transaction appears on your monthly statement
  • Easily recover if lost or stolen

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Debit Card Management Guide

1Two Rivers Bank & Trust Debit Cards are accepted at any ATM displaying the Mastercard®, Cirrus® or Shazam® logo and anywhere that accepts Mastercard® Debit Cards.