Geezeo, a better way to manage your money.


Financial management is difficult to organize and manage but at Two Rivers Bank & Trust, we make it easier. Within our online banking platform, we make it easier to understand your spending and help you gain insight on how your money comes and goes each month.
Geezeo from Two Rivers can help you manage your budget and stay on top of your bills, cash flow, and so much more. Geezeo allows you to set clear financial goals so you can achieve them.


In our online banking platform, you can see how much you’re spending on bills, entertainment/dining, retail, groceries, and more via the spending wheel. This provides you with the opportunity to breakdown your spending into more specific categories to help you start spending your money in ways that will help you reach your goals.

Create budgets that help you reach your financial goals. The Insights feature provides you with the ability to view your spending history, while also providing you with suggestions to help you stay on track to meet your goals.

Set and track goals to help you reach your financial goals. Create savings goals, such as saving for a vacation or paying off a home loan.

Utilize this free tool by clicking the Geezeo link on the left navigation of your new online banking.

  1. For Mobile Banking, click on the menu icon at the top left corner of your Dashboard.
  2. Click on Spending Habits.
  3. Welcome to Two Rivers’ Geezeo. Begin setting up budgets, spending targets, and goals.