Care for Your Employees

Employer Sponsored 401(k) and Additional Retirement Plans

One way to attract and retain employees is by offering the right retirement plan. Two Rivers can give your business the ability to offer employees a way to plan ahead and save money, so that when it’s time to retire they’re financially prepared. We offer a wide variety of retirement plan solutions to fit your company’s—and employees’—needs.

Two Rivers Wealth Management's Retirement Planning Services department offers a simply better retirement solution. We are able to offer a unique and customized approach to retirement. We focus on plan design, fiduciary oversight, investments, and cost efficiency while striving to provide best-in-class service and state-of-the-art technology.

Cost Efficiency

We combine investment management, recordkeeping, administration, and trustee services to provide a cost-effective solution without all of the confusion. You can expect fee transparency that is easily understood. Our plans utilize institutional share classes to keep costs low.

Fiduciary Oversight

As a plan sponsor, you are responsible for making decisions in the best interest of your plan participants and their beneficiaries. We can reduce your liability with our comprehensive fiduciary services. We offer the greatest level fiduciary protection with our services.

Plan Design

Our retirement experts take time to understand your business by evaluating and analyzing your demographics to provide recommendations to build a customized retirement solution. Understanding your business is our key in customizing a plan just for you.


Two Rivers is committed to providing the best possible experience for you and your participants. Our team of experts is available to you and your participants for all of your educational needs. We offer individualized solutions to better prepare you and your participants for retirement, so when it is time to retire, you and they are ready.


We take your protection to the next level by offering ERISA 3(38) investment management services. With these services, the investments are selected, monitored, and replaced as needed. We do not accept compensation from the mutual fund companies, eliminating potential bias. We drive investment success with our comprehensive and unbiased support.


Our technology provides tools that help participants focus on being “retirement ready.” We offer convenient and easy-to-use tools that bring you closer to retirement success.