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You’re never too young to learn to save

Jr. Banker Savings is the perfect first savings account

Jr. Banker Savings

We understand your desire to teach your children about the importance of saving money. Open a Jr. Banker Savings account and start your child off on the right foot. Together, you and your child can grow your initial $5.00 deposit into a valuable life lesson.

If you’re unsure which savings account option is best for you, use the tool we designed to help you quickly figure it out.

Quick Overview:

  • For ages 17 and under
  • Interest bearing, paying fantastic rates on account balances in two tiers
  • Six free withdrawals per month; $10 each thereafter
  • $5 daily balance required to avoid $3 monthly service charge
  • $5 minimum deposit to open

Read more about the Jr. Banker Savings Account

This account converts to a Regular Savings account when the account holder turns 18.

To be eligible for this account a parent, grandparent or guardian must have an active checking account with Two Rivers Bank & Trust.


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Have more moments that tug at your heartstrings and fewer moments that tug on your purse strings. At Two Rivers we understand the financial responsibilities that accompany your bundle of joy. Come talk with us about a savings account, college funds, or loan options that will ease your mind so you can enjoy the moments that are truly priceless. My neighborhood.

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My bank.

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Two Rivers Bank & Trust.

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