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Deciding whether to buy a home is an important decision. It can simultaneously be one of the most exciting and stressful times in your life. May we help you navigate your way until the moment you’re handed the keys? Our loan professionals make the process of mortgage loan financing easy to do and to understand.

Quick Overview:

  • Competitive rates
  • Flexible financing terms
  • Fixed and adjustable-rate options
  • VA, FHA, and USDA – Rural Development loans available
  • Local decisions, processing, and underwriting
  • Affordable payments
  • Easy to apply
  • Personal service

Aimee Bruckner – NMLS# 609265, Iowa City

Alicia Yocum – NMLS# 1028391, Mt. Pleasant –

Amy Glover – NMLS# 1463936, Keokuk –

Ben Lanz – NMLS# 932816, West Burlington –

Brian Jass – NMLS# 400148, Ankeny –

Derek Stotlar – NMLS# 465259, Burlington – Main St. –

Igor Cavlovic – NMLS# 523272, Des Moines

Janet Norris – NMLS# 465257, Iowa City –

Joe Bowman – NMLS# 1728665; West Burlington –

Jon Nobling – NMLS# 1425355; Burlington – Roosevelt –

Kathy Strawhacker – NMLS#469365; Mediapolis –

Katie Wheeler – NMLS# 523273; Des Moines –

Kerry Kreiss – NMLS# 1028368; Burlington – Main St. –

Pamela Passmore – NMLS# 465258; Iowa City


Speaker 1:

We’ve worked with every slice of our community – young people, older people, disabled people – everybody needs a house…and buying a house, fixing a house is sometimes the best solution. I am Mike Norris, Executive Director with Southeast Iowa Regional Planning Commission. Each family has a little bit of a different story. We learn first before we know what we can do for them. Then, Two Rivers ultimately helps us connect the family with the financing they need. We work with lenders all over Southeast Iowa and we have a lot of great partnerships with our lenders. I think Two Rivers puts in a lot of extra effort with the programs we use to try to understand them, but we have always had excellent partnerships and experiences with Two Rivers.

A lot more people qualify for what you might think. Starting teachers qualify, a lot of people starting their first jobs qualify, and maybe even people working in their careers a little longer would qualify. We helped a single mom and her kids find a bedroom for each child. (Southeast Iowa) Regional Planning actually rehabilitated the house… we fixed it up, gut rehab – very nice, and I think it has really helped them in their day to day life, and I think in a way not hearing from her is a good thing because their haven’t been any problems!

I think the first thing to do is to go to a lender you can trust and talk to them and let them know how much of a home you can afford. Then you can go to a realtor and look for houses in that range. Once you find a house you like, talk to your lender and they can contact (Southeast Iowa) Regional Planning and we can see what kind of program we have to offer.

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    Moving into a new home? Welcome to our neighborhood. Two Rivers Bank knows how to help with all aspects of buying a new home, from mortgages to the simplicity of having your accounts at a nearby branch, so if you think owning a new home is comforting, just wait until you make Two Rivers your bank.

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