Online Banking

Tammy Musser:        

My name is Tammy Musser. AAA Mechanical is a family owned business, and we do plumbing, heating and air conditioning. My dad is retired now, so my two brothers and I have run the company pretty much on our own for about, oh I’d say, around 12 years or so. Family is very important to me. So being in a family business, it just means that much more.

We were with a big corporate bank, and we just weren’t getting the customer service that we wanted, to run our business and be successful. So we just looked around for more local banks, the smaller banks.

I just feel that Two Rivers Bank offers that family feel. They are an all around great bank. They have great customer service, offer great products, and I would highly recommend them for anyone’s banking purposes. Any time there’s anything that we have a question on, I know I can call them, and they get things taken care of right away. (singing) The experience has been absolutely wonderful.

Speaker 2:       

Two Rivers Bank and Trust.

Tammy Musser:   

My neighborhood. My bank.