Online Banking

Hung Nguyen:   

Net Integrated does healthcare IT and we do lots of work with the federal government. At On Point Security we guard military bases around the state and we do lots of personal security. I’m most passionate about customer service. When my clients are happy, I am very happy. There’s no question that Two Rivers shared a customer service philosophy with me. When I come in, they know who I am. They know what I want. You just feel like family. You feel like I’m at home.

Without the assistance and the loan of Two Rivers, I wouldn’t be able to survive the tough time without them. I want to do business with people I know. I want to do business with people that when I go to the grocery store, I run into them and shake hands and talk about things. If you [talk what 00:01:01] what you looking for, then Two Rivers definitely the bank for you.

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Two Rivers Bank & Trust.

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My neighborhood.

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My bank.