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David  Williams:  

My wife and I actually started Performance Therapies back in 1999. We had moved here for me to pursue my PhD in physical therapy here at the University of Iowa. Ended up needing to also work to support the family as I pursued a PhD, and so to start a clinic was the natural step. Through a partnership with some of the people in the area we were able to get started and things have just consistently grown since then. I’ve been very passionate about my career in my field of physical therapy and sports performance and have enjoyed over the years, helping people get back to function and doing things that they want to do.

In looking for a bank I was very interested in finding a bank that would bring that same passion and that same desire to help people make their dreams and goals come to life. And really found that partner in Two Rivers Bank & Trust. It has been with us the whole way, supportive of whether it was the development of the land companies. Whether it’s the development of the physical therapy clinics, or the health club, or medical billing. Whatever it was, they’ve always been very supportive of that and as we’ve expanded now Two Rivers Bank has moved into the second building. We’re their customer. They’re our customer and we’re neighbors. When we say, “My neighborhood, my bank,” they really are right directly in my neighborhood, 50 feet out the door they’re there. They believe in doing things the right way which is kind of what I believe in as well. So they’re really very good about supporting our customers and taking care of them.

Speaker 2:           

Two Rivers Bank & Trust.

David  Williams:         

My neighborhood, my bank.