Online Banking

Nate Leinen:    
My name is Nate Leinen. And about six months ago, my partner and I decide to start Summit Family Dental, here in Ankeny. Because of the opportunity that we’ve been given to open this practice, it’s meant a lot to my family. I’ve been married for 15 years to my wife Lisa, and we have three daughters, Ava, Autumn and Ambry. My wife also works inside of our business and so that’s been nice to have, to see them more often.

We first heard about Two Rivers Bank and Trust from the construction company that we were working with. We’ve taken out construction loans with them. We’ve also taken out loans to purchase equipment. And then now that we’ve started our practice, they have come along side us in business banking and also in lines of credit. Two Rivers makes our life better and more efficient here because in the background they provide us everything we need, they anticipate what we might need, we talk outside of business, we hang out aside of business. They’re interested in my family and what I have going on outside of my business and so there’s a lot more connection there than you would see with a lot of other places.

Speaker 2:
Two Rivers Bank and Trust.

Nate Leinen:
My neighborhood, my bank.