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Debit Protection | Two Rivers Bank & Trust

<In a panic about debit card fraud?>

<Get protection from us!>

<If your card is lost or stolen, turn it off remotely>

<Your account is monitored for suspicious activity>

<Receive notification of suspected fraud>

<Take comfort knowing your debit card is protected>

Convenient Services | Two Rivers Bank & Trust

<Are their phones better than yours?>

<They have the convenience of Two Rivers Bank & Trust>

<Bank from your computer or phone>

<Pay bills from anywhere>

<Deposit checks in the palm of your hand>

<Make purchases with Mobile Wallet>

<Get user-friendly convenience with Two Rivers Bank & Trust>

Free Business Checking | Two Rivers Bank & Trust

<Are you a sole proprietor or non-profit?>

<We have free business checking for you!>

<No minimum balance>

<No monthly service charge>

<Free mobile and online banking>

<Free business debit card>

<Free bill pay>

<Who says you can’t get anything for free?>

The Best Things in Life Are Free


<”The best things”>

<”in life”>

<”are free!”>

<”So your checking account should be free, too.”>

<”Keep more of your own money with Free Checking!”>

Free Checking | Two Rivers Bank & Trust


“When Two Rivers Bank & Trust says Free Checking, we mean it!”

<“No minimum balance.”>

<“No monthly service charge.”>

<“Keep more of your own money and spend it on what you want”>

<“With a Free Checking account at Two Rivers Bank & Trust!”> [bullets below]

<”No minimum balance”>,

<”No monthly service charge”>,

<”$50 minimum deposit to open”>

<My Neighborhood. My Bank.>