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The Best Things in Life Are Free


<”The best things”>

<”in life”>

<”are free!”>

<”So your checking account should be free, too.”>

<”Keep more of your own money with Free Checking!”>

Free Checking | Two Rivers Bank & Trust


“When Two Rivers Bank & Trust says Free Checking, we mean it!”

<“No minimum balance.”>

<“No monthly service charge.”>

<“Keep more of your own money and spend it on what you want”>

<“With a Free Checking account at Two Rivers Bank & Trust!”> [bullets below]

<”No minimum balance”>,

<”No monthly service charge”>,

<”$50 minimum deposit to open”>

<My Neighborhood. My Bank.>

Mobile Wallet | Two Rivers Bank & Trust


<“No wallet?>

<”No problem!”>

<Two Rivers Bank & Trust Mobile Wallet graphic into phone green screen>

<“Two Rivers Bank & Trust has Mobile Wallet!”>

<“Convenient payments at the touch of a button.”>

<“And your card details are never shared when you use your devices.”>

<”That makes it the safer, more private way to pay on-the-go!”>

<”Simply upload your card information to your phone”>

<”and start using your Two Rivers Bank & Trust mobile wallet today!”>

The Benefits of Both


<”Some things just go better together.”>

<”Like, a checking and savings account from Two Rivers Bank & Trust!“>

<”We have checking and savings accounts to fit all our neighbors.”>

<”Our checking accounts give you easier access to your money,”>

<”and our savings accounts help your funds flourish. “>

<”Let us set you up for success.”>

<”Open a checking and savings account at your neighborhood bank today!”>

Welcome to TwoRivers.Bank!


<”Hey, neighbor!”>

<”Have you seen our new website?”>

<”TwoRivers.Bank launched to deliver you enhanced security for your online banking!”>

<”That means, your information stays safe with stronger encryption.”>

<Animated lock, locking>

<”Plus, you’ll have easier access to our products and services.”>

<savings, business banking, loans, credit card iconography>

<“Take a look around and experience your new, online neighborhood – TwoRivers.Bank!”>