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Vice President Commercial Loan Officer

Steve Janney

Steve Janney

Steve Janney


Steve Janney

Job Title:

Vice President Commercial Loan Officer

Where did you grow up?

Quad Cities, Iowa and Illinois

What year did you begin your career at Two Rivers Bank & Trust?


Can you please explain your current role?

My current role is Commercial Lender specializing in Construction / Development lending as well as investment property lending.

Leading up to your current job, what other experience do you have related to the banking industry? In what year did you begin your banking career?

I began my banking career in 1985. I have 30+ years of experience as a lender both commercial and residential. My last position was Senior VP Commercial Lending. In addition to commercial lending, I managed a mortgage lending unit 20 years ago.

Do you have any special certificates / awards or designations? 

Please highlight your community involvement.

I am a former board member and loan committee member of Neighborhood Housing Services.

What do you enjoy most about your role at Two Rivers Bank & Trust?

Two Rivers is a great place to work; the people and the clients make it enjoyable to come in every day.

What does being a good neighbor mean to you?

It means being a good neighbor means being able to be of service to all those individuals and businesses in our community.

Contact: 563-370-1437