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Neurology & Sleep Clinic, PLC

Sadhna B. Jani

Sadhna B. Jani

Sadhna B. Jani

Board(s) on which you currently serve:

I was elected in 2012 to serve on the Two Rivers Bank & Trust board. I also serve on

the Audit & Risk Management Committee of Two Rivers Financial Group.


Neurology & Sleep Clinic, PLC

MedConsults Inc.

Great River Property Management Company, LC


I am the Chief Financial Officer of Neurology & Sleep Clinic, PLC. I am the Director of MedConsults Inc, as well as the CEO & Owner of Great River Property Management Company, LC.

Community where your business is located:

Southeast Iowa & West Central Illinois

Please highlight your community involvement and other board affiliations.

I am the Assistant District Chair & Advisor for Leo Clubs for District 9SE. I am the past President & Board Member of Burlington Lions Club. I participate in the Octoberfest Fundraiser and Alzheimer’s Association Fundraiser. I am a Junior Achievement Instructor at elementary and junior high schools. I am the Practice Management Educator for UIHC Neurology Residents for the Iowa Neurological Association. I am a Meet the Masters Docent and I formerly sat on the YWCA Board.

What does being a good neighbor mean to you?

Being a good neighbor means engaging in your community, donating your time, knowledge and wealth, and setting the highest standards in how you live, work and play. Working hard, being honest and fair. Respecting and embracing diversity in gender, age, culture, socioeconomic status and faith.