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Market President – Quad Cities

Eric W. Tagtmeier

Eric W. Tagtmeier

Eric W. Tagtmeier


Eric W. Tagtmeier

Job Title:

Market President – Quad Cities

Where did you grow up?

Quad Cities (Moline, Illinois)

What year did you begin your career at Two Rivers Bank & Trust?


Can you please explain your current role?

I oversee the Quad Cities Commercial Loan Production Office

Leading up to your current job, what other experience do you have related to the banking industry? In what year did you begin your banking career?

My career began in 1997. The first 5 years I had a dual role primarily as a credit analyst, but also did commercial loans along with investment/insurance sales. The remainder has been spent primarily as a commercial lender with various management roles.

Please highlight your community involvement.

I serve as a committee member for the IBFS Community Development Company and have been involved with Rotary International. I have also enjoyed volunteering for Junior Achievement.

What do you enjoy most about your role at Two Rivers Bank & Trust?

I enjoy interaction with the customers of the bank to understand and assist them with their respective businesses and projects.

What does being a good neighbor mean to you?

It means to be friendly, respectfully assist when asked and politely offer assistance, if needed, when not asked.

Contact: 563-370-7144