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Market President - Southeast Iowa; Trust Officer

Eric L. Benne

Eric L. Benne

Eric L. Benne


Eric L. Benne

Job Title:

Market President – Southeast Iowa; Trust Officer

Where did you grow up?

Burlington, Iowa

What year did you begin your career at Two Rivers Bank & Trust?


Can you please explain your current role?

As a functional leader in the Burlington Market, I am responsible for directing business development, customer satisfaction, community leadership, promoting corporate culture, and achieving strategic goals and objectives. In my role as a Wealth Management Officer my primary responsibilities include developing and managing trust client relationships.

Leading up to your current job, what other experience do you have related to the banking industry? In what year did you begin your banking career?

Prior to joining Two Rivers, I was in a private legal practice for 12 years primarily focusing on Estate Planning, Wills, Trust and other contract and business matters that related to the banking industry. In my 12 years in legal practice I spent that time representing banks and providing estate planning advice to individuals.

Do you have any special certificates / awards or designations?

I graduated from college Cum Laude and was named to the Phi Beta Kappa and Phi Kappa Phi Honor Societies.

Please highlight your community involvement.

I serve on the Des Moines County Humane Society Board, The Young House Family Services Board, The Southeastern Community College Booster Club, The Des Moines County I-Club and the Burlington Golf Club Board. I have previously served on the Chamber Board and the New Crystal Lake Club Board.

What do you enjoy most about your role at Two Rivers Bank & Trust?

I enjoy that it provides me with the opportunity to positively interact with clients and others while providing them services that best fit their needs.

What does being a good neighbor mean to you?

It means acknowledging that while you are a business in the community that you are also a member of the community and need to give back by helping the community and its residents.

Contact: 319-753-9135