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Vice President/Commercial Loan Officer

Ed Mansheim

Ed Mansheim

Ed Mansheim


Ed Mansheim

Job Title:

Vice President/Commercial Loan Officer

Where did you grow up?

Burlington, Iowa

What year did you begin your career at Two Rivers Bank & Trust?


Can you please explain your current role?

As a commercial loan officer, I work with businesses of all sizes, helping them with their loan needs. As equally important, I work with the owners or management, providing guidance and options for them as it relates to their business and banking needs.

Leading up to your current job, what other experience do you have related to the banking industry? In what year did you begin your banking career?

I began my banking career in 2003 with a bank located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where I was living at the time. I started out part time in the retail banking area and eventually took a position as a commercial loan officer in 2005. I worked as a commercial loan officer for 10 years prior to moving back to Burlington, Iowa, to take a similar position with Two Rivers Bank & Trust.

Do you have any special certificates / awards or designations?

In my previous bank, I was given a master lender award/designation, which involved successfully completing various educational, training, and experience goals as a commercial lender.

Please highlight your community involvement.

I’m currently involved as a member of the Rotary Club of Burlington and a board member of the Capitol Theater. I also volunteered for various community events over the past year including the Great River Hospice Run, Vinnie Strong Benefit, and the annual Paint-A-Thon.

What do you enjoy most about your role at Two Rivers Bank & Trust?

I most enjoy getting to meet new people and learn about their businesses. Each business is unique and it’s always satisfying being able to help solve a problem they may have and watch as the business grows and becomes more successful.

What does being a good neighbor mean to you?

It means listening and understanding and going that extra step to solve our customers’ needs.

Contact: 319-753-3904