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Vice President, Cash Management Department

Cate Schnabel

Cate Schnabel

Cate Schnabel


Cate Schnabel

Job Title: 

Vice President, Cash Management Department

What year did you begin your career at Two Rivers Bank & Trust?


Can you please explain your current role?

I provide our Business Customers with effective Banking services customized to meet all their Company’s needs.

Leading up to your current job, what other experience do you have related to the banking industry?

I began in nursing because I have a passion for helping others. After years as a Domestic Engineer I migrated to Customer Service & Training.  Following in the career path of Customer Service I created the Cash Management department in another Market.

In what year did you begin your banking career? 


Where did you grow up?

Near Iowa City

What do you enjoy most about your role at Two Rivers Bank & Trust. 

I enjoy meeting and working with our amazing business customers. I respect their heavy workloads and provide them banking services that improve their efficiency!

What does being a good neighbor mean to you?

It means all departments of the bank working together to become a dedicated team to welcome, guide, and advise all who walk through our doors!

Contact: 563-650-9655