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How To Make The Most Of Your Christmas Cash

Often during the holidays, if people aren’t sure what to get a child, people will gift them with cash. Helping your child understand the value of money management at a young age is a great skill to learn. Giving your child options instead of telling them what to do will allow them to make their own decisions, which shows you value their final decision. Here are three ways you can show your kids how to utilize their Christmas money:


Show your child the importance of saving their money early! If you plan accordingly and help them save, you can show them if they are patient, they can buy something even more expensive later. Try to help them even further, instead of putting all that money in a piggy bank, start a savings account that they can continue to fill with holiday money.

At Two Rivers Bank & Trust, we provide our youngest bankers with a Jr. Banker Account, which only requires $5 to get started! This account even converts to a regular savings account when the account holder turns 18! Is there something in particular they want to save for? Plan a saving strategy for the next year to help them save and get that big gift they’ve had their eye on!


This seems to be the inclination that children get once they receive money. Obviously it can be difficult expressing the concepts wants vs needs, budgeting, prioritizing, and understanding actual costs things they use every day, but it is an important lesson to teach early on.

Instead of trying to explain these difficult concepts to your child, try to help them understand how to responsibly spend their holiday money. Help them understand which toy they want more then show them by looking at multiple stores to find the best price. Instituting responsible spending practices at an early age can help your child in the long run.


According to Giving USA, an estimated $410 billion dollars was given to charitable organizations in 2018. After the holidays, many charities will be more in need than ever, and it is a great opportunity for you to explain to your kids how donating can change other’s lives. Help them keep that holiday spirit alive by donating to someone so they can buy a gift this year. There are a ton of charities out there to donate to and doing a little research can help ensure that your dollar goes toward a cause child cares about. Here are a few sites to help find one that’s right for them:


Donating their Christmas money is a selfless act that teaches them a valuable lesson, while making them feel good! Though they may not want to donate their gift money, you can always encourage them to volunteer at a local charity instead!

Contact your local neighborhood Two Rivers Bank & Trust branch to discuss setting up a Jr. Savings Account for your kids! If there isn’t a branch in your new neighborhood, take advantage of our convenience services including online bankingonline bill paymobile bankingmobile deposit, and moreTalk to one of our team members to learn how you can keep more of your hard-earned money with Two Rivers!