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The Tooth Fairy – How Much Money is Too Much?

The Tooth Fairy is on standby 24/7, waiting for children to lose a tooth, place it under their pillow and then, while they sleep, exchange it for money. While some fairies choose to sprinkle a little glitter or leave extra goodies, the job has remained relatively consistent over the years. But, there’s one thing that continues to fluctuate – the value of a tooth.

In fact, Delta Dental’s Tooth Fairy Index tracks market trends on what our winged-friends leave for our little ones, and it’s interesting to see the price fluctuate over the past twenty years. According to the most recent poll from February 26, 2018, the payout currently averages $4.13 per pearly-white – that’s around a 175% increase from the initial 1998 rate. However, $4.13 is a decrease since the all-time 2016 payout high of a little over $4.50.

For parents it can be challenging to negotiate a going rate with the Tooth Fairy. So, what’s the best way to determine the going-rate of a tooth these days?

Visa actually offers a Financial Calculator in order to help the negotiations go smoother. It takes where you live, your marital status, family size, income, etc. into consideration and then calculates a  suggested dollar amount, based on what other parents with similar information had reported leaving.

Or, if you’re looking for a less analytic approach, Colgate cites that 3 percent of kids receive less than $1, and only 8 percent receive more than $5, so they suggest staying within the $1 – $5 “sweet spot.” But, before you land on a set dollar amount, keep in mind that every child loses 20 teeth, so just be sure the Tooth Fairy can put the money where their mouth is.

Some tooth fairies enhance the experience even more by adding glitter to the money, leaving behind tiny footprints, or creating special certificates commemorating their visit.

There is no right or wrong amount so whatever your fairy brings will be the best for you and your family. And, remember – it’s really not about the money. It’s about making your child feel special and celebrating an exciting milestone in their growth and development!

Need a place to store all of that Tooth Fairy money? Our Jr. Banker Savings account is an interest bearing account for children ages 17 and under and it’s a $5 minimum deposit to get started! Talk to your neighbor at Two Rivers Bank & Trust about our Jr. Banker Savings and put your child on the road to savings success!

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