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College Freebies

girl using her laptop to studyCollege can be some of the best years of your life – it can also be some of the most financially restricting. Luckily, businesses understand that most college students are on tight budgets and many offer great discounts on their products and services for anyone with a valid college I.D.

Whether you’re a first or fifth year student, take advantage of some of these great money-saving offers, specifically for you!

6 months of Amazon Prime – FREE

College campus’ are filled with giveaways – free tshirts, free cookouts, etc. but they can’t compete with free Amazon Prime, the guaranteed two-day shipping service from one of the largest e-commerce companies around. The service could definitely come in handy for last-minute book orders or bulk shipments of microwavable mac and cheese.

Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel – FREE

In college, your laptop becomes your best friend and most valued classroom accessory, helping you to write papers, complete homework assignments and allowing you the ever necessary social media distraction when you’re on a deadline. While Microsoft Office is normally $150, they offer it at no-charge for anyone with a valid school email address, allowing you to use your money for what really matters when you’re pulling an all-nighter – caffeine.

Museum Admission – FREE

Many museums offer free admission to any college student, which makes a great excuse to get off campus and go exploring in your city. In addition to museums, college students also receive discounts to sporting events and concert tickets, all you have to do is ask!

Gym Membership – FREE

At almost every college, you’ll find a gymnasium filled with any kind of equipment you could want to get in a great workout and, as a student, it’s open to you at no additional cost!

Tax Preparation – FREE

Working your way through college and sweating your first Tax Day? Eliminate the stress and hand over your taxes to your college’s business school. A lot of times, business students are involved in a program where they get to practice by helping other students prepare their taxes. Because it’s a program through your university, a professor will always look over their work so you don’t have to worry about any wrong numbers!

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