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At-Home Date Night Ideas

Once warmer weather hits, calendars are filled and it seems like life moves a million miles a minute. Can you relate? Every weekend you’re somewhere, doing something and spending your hard-earned money. Then, you spend your week catching up on laundry and chores just to do it all again the following weekend. We’re exhausted just thinking about it.

In an effort to save some cash for the weekend warriors out there, we’ve come up with some fun date night ideas that don’t require you to leave the couch!

Game Night

Who says game nights have to end when you grow up?! Playing games can be fun whether you’re in a large group or if it’s just the two of you. Make a frozen pizza and get out your favorite game to enjoy a night of strategy and fun!

  • Jenga (1+ players)
  • Battleship (2 people)
  • Sequence (2+ players)
  • Monopoly (2+ players)
  • Scrabble (2 – 4 players)
  • Code Names (2 – 8 players)

Movie Night

Instead of mindlessly flipping through the channels and watching a movie you’ve already seen one thousand times, try a different approach! Each of you write a list of movies you’ve been wanting to see (and that are available on On-Demand, Netflix, Hulu, apps, etc.) then, cut off each movie and put them all into a hat. Next, one of you chooses a movie at random to watch! Once the movie’s been decided upon, the only decision you have now is how much popcorn to make!

You can make movie night even more exciting by embracing your inner child and building a blanket/pillow fort to watch from.

Get to Know Each Other Better

One of the great things about being in a relationship is getting to know the person you’re with and learning their likes and dislikes. Whether you’ve been with them for five months or fifteen years, there’s always something new to discover. Try taking online personality tests like the 5 Love Languages or an Enneagram test, which can be helpful when it comes to effectively communicating with your partner. Or, ask them a series of questions that you probably don’t have the answers too. Chances are, you’ll learn something you didn’t know before and so will they!

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