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Fun Activities to Teach Children to Save


DIY Piggy Bank

Before the life lessons begin, start by setting time aside to create an at-home bank for your kids. Grab a couple mason jars, paint, stickers, etc. and let them create their own piggy bank. Not only will this make them excited about saving, but it allows for them to actually see the savings build up over time. Some parents create three piggy banks for each of their children and label them, “spend,” “save” and “give.”


Have a bake sale

Entrepreneurship starts early. Sure, a 10 cent per cup lemonade stand is small at conception, but it teaches your child a lot more than how to mix sugar, water and lemons. Involve your child from the beginning of the process from the grocery store to the stand. They’ll learn the value of hard work and cherish the money they make that much more.


If you have more than one child, give the older ones the opportunity to babysit their younger siblings. Even if they’re not old enough to stay at home by themselves, set them up with an age appropriate activity and have them “babysit” their siblings – even if it’s only long enough for you to switch out the laundry. Then, pay them for helping you out and watch them add it to their piggy bank.


When has a parent ever turned down help? Create a chore chart for your kids to help out around the house and reward them for their contributions. It doesn’t have to be a monetary incentive, just so long as they can visually see how their help has contributed and that effort has been acknowledged. It could be in the form of an allowance or, it could be gold stars, and once they earn ten stars, they get to go to the movies. Be creative with it! But chores are a great way to get things done around the house, while teaching your children valuable lessons on working toward, and achieving, a goal.


When your child earns money, use their piggy bank to store the money. Make a big deal out of every contribution they make, they’ve earned it! Little by little, the piggy bank will fill over time and it will be beneficial for them to see that grow.

Once the bank is filled, pack up the car and visit your neighborhood Two Rivers Bank & Trust branch. Have them come in and be part of the process in opening a Jr. Banker Savings account (it only takes $5!). After they make their first deposit, keep encouraging them to earn and save at home and make it a regular activity to bring those savings to the bank with them!

Want to set up a Jr. Banker Savings account for your kids? Learn more about the account and contact your neighborhood Two Rivers Bank & Trust team member!