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Our Accounts Work Better, Together!

Devin Kono

Cookies and milk, peanut butter and jelly, donuts and coffee – some things just go better together! The same can be said for our checking and savings accounts at Two Rivers Bank & Trust.

Ankeny Branch Manager Devin Kono loves how our products complement one another, “Opening a checking account with Two Rivers Bank and Trust is great because the checking account is FREE, the savings is an added perk because it sets you up for success,” said Kono. “Having both a checking and savings account will help you in the long run.”

Our checking and savings accounts work great with your existing direct deposit. “Set up an automatic transfer so that out of each check you can have money go into the savings account,” suggested Kono. “This will help you in the future if you ever get into a bind and need money. Savings accounts are great because they not only help you save but they earn you interest, too!”

While we advise our neighbors to open both a checking and a savings account together, it’s not required. “Of course the same benefits apply at all times,” said Kono. “Our products are set up so that whenever you decide to open an account with us, you will succeed!”

What does it take to open accounts that work together? “It is as simple as $50 to open your account,” assured Kono. The $50 acts as an opening deposit rather than a fee, as Free Checking accounts at Two Rivers Bank & Trust require no minimum balance!

Other items you’ll need to bring with is your state issued ID and social security number. “Everything else we can gather together!” said Kono.

When Two Rivers Bank & Trust sits down with our neighbors, we take everything into consideration when determining which account fits best. “We want to make sure that we set you up to succeed with your financial goals.” Kono continued, “Two Rivers Bank & Trust is more than just a bank, it’s a team of people who are invested in helping you in any financial circumstance!”

Come talk to your neighbor at Two Rivers Bank & Trust to see everything we have to offer and let our talented team set you up for financial success! Visit your neighborhood branch, or give us a call to get the conversation started.