Online Banking

TwoRivers.Bank Features

Chip Security

Our website TwoRivers.Bank was launched to improve our neighbor’s banking experience. If you only use our site to login to your online banking, it’s time to do some additional exploring to see what our site has to offer!

Enhanced security.

Did you know that only financial institutions can have web domains ending in .bank? A domain ending in .bank means that you’re accessing a secure site and it allows for stronger encryption, making communications with your financial information more secure. In a world of ever-increasing cyber threats, Two Rivers Bank & Trust is committed to your secure, online financial experience.

Customer Savings Tool.

Two Rivers Bank & Trust is proud to provide our neighbors with a wide scope of products and services, but we realized it was often difficult to determine which services fit your needs without stepping foot into a branch. Those days are no more with our Customer Savings Tool! It’s a quick, online survey that will ask you a series of questions and, based on your answers, it will pair you with the savings product that fits your needs. Try it out for yourself!

Your questions, answered.

In an effort to keep up with your busy schedule, TwoRivers.Bank included forms on our website for your convenience. So, as you’re bouncing around from checking accounts to personal loans, you’ll always have the option to write your personal banker and ask a question or request more information for any of our products or services!

In addition to our page forms, you’ll also be able to chat live with a Two Rivers Bank & Trust team member to assist you. To access our online chat feature, scroll to the top of any page and click on the orange speech bubble that says, “TR Live Chat.” Whereas our “Learn More” forms are great for general questions, utilize “TR Live Chat” for secure questions that relate to your account!

Couple working together on financial documents and learning about the calculators provided by Two Rivers Bank & TrustCrunch some numbers with our calculators.

Are you a numbers person? So are we! That’s why TwoRivers.Bank has incorporated different financial calculators into You can click between the five tabs labeled “home,” “personal,” “investment,” retirement,” and “lease” to determine things like, investment yields, how much time it will take you to pay off a loan, and more! Play around with our calculators, and you may just save yourself some money in the process. 

Blogging integration.

Previously, our blog had not been integrated with our website, but now you can access it from our homepage (or any other page within TwoRivers.Bank!). Our blog features content from Two Rivers Bank & Trust team members and provides you with valuable information regarding budgeting, financial security, business banking, and even how our products and services fit into your lifestyle. Be sure to look at our blog monthly to learn how you can improve your financial life!

…And that’s only the tip of the iceberg! Explore TwoRivers.Bank and see all of the new features for yourself. As always, if you have questions or want help navigating through TwoRivers.Bank, call your personal banker, stop into your neighborhood branch, or use our chat feature online!