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Save Money While Achieving Your 2018 Fitness Resolutions

people tying running shoes

Year after year, thousands of New Year’s resolutions revolve around living a happier, healthier lifestyle and many people turn to gyms or personal trainers to accomplish their goals.

While a gym membership may seem to be the best solution to achieve your health and fitness goals, it comes with a price! Gyms and personal trainers can cost up to hundreds of dollars monthly. For a lot of us, that’s just simply not realistic.

Rather than spending your dollars on a gym membership or personal trainer, become your own coach to save money and make your health resolutions a reality.

Get tracking

Just as Two Rivers Bank & Trust has our mobile money app for free, there are countless health and fitness apps available! If you’re trying to watch what you eat, try Lose It!, which gives you the ability to set weight-loss goals and monitor your daily intake.

Or, if you received a Fitbit over the holidays, be sure to download the Fitbit app to track everything including your daily activities, exercise, food, weight and even sleep patterns.

Another helpful app to download is MapMyRide so when you take your phone on bike rides, runs, or walks you have the ability to see how far you went, your average pace, other popular routes in your area and more.

Start training

Sometimes it’s hard to find room in your home for bulky gym equipment, so try searching Pinterest for “body-weight exercises.” Body-weight exercises are fast and convenient because the only equipment needed is yourself which gives you the ability to work out just about anywhere and at any time.

Try a free, group class

Many people are motivated by personal trainers or group classes because they feel as though they’re being held accountable to someone other than themselves for their work outs. So, if this is something you need to get going, why not try a free “group” class when it’s convenient for your schedule?

Follow Facebook pages like Women’s Health or PopSugar Fitness, for fun group-style workouts that can last anywhere from five minutes to an hour. The videos feature an instructor who walks you through different moves to tone various areas through dancing, cardio and other body-weight exercises. These videos are great because they also offer options for move modifications if you’re just starting out.

Stay motivated

There are countless influencers, celebrities and regular people who are on their journey to their own health and wellness goals, so join them! It’s important to feel like you have a support system on days when you’re wanting to just eat a whole box of Girl Scout Cookies (trust us, we’ve all been there!).

Follow Instagram accounts like @kayla_itsines, @shaunt, @mynameisjessamyn, @emilyskyefit, and @getfitwithgiddy (just to name a few), all of whom are sharing their own fitness journeys with you while providing tips and motivation along the way.

Take your banking with you

According to a survey on, just as many people made resolutions to save more money, as they did to eat healthier and get more exercise! And now, managing your financial resolutions are just as easy as managing your wellness resolutions with the Two Rivers Bank & Trust Mobile Banking App!

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Banking is now at your fingertips with the Two Rivers Bank & Trust Mobile Banking App. Download it today for your iPhone® or Android™ device, or learn more about our mobile banking features below!