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Why You Need Your Banker in 2018

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Every year new technology, new ideas, and the political environment affect the business landscape in ways we cannot fully predict. At Two Rivers Bank & Trust, we take pride in being a valuable partner to our business customers.

While we fully encourage you to take advantage of every online banking tool we offer, we also want you to know how a personal relationship with your banker can be beneficial.


Eric Tagmeier, Marker President-Quad Cities, explains why.

“Currently, political and economic conditions are very volatile,” Tagmeier said. “Some days are stable and some days everything is up in the air. Combine that with the interest rate environment that changes constantly and a business owner has a lot of decisions to make.”

Those decisions can affect business tremendously.

“I’ve always been a big proponent of wanting my customers to utilize not just our services but my knowledge and my background,” he said. “Too often, people don’t think of their banker as part of that team of sounding boards.”

A banker should always be one phone call away.

“I always want to make sure people know they can also call their banker after they call their accountant and their attorney,” he suggested. “We’re here because you have to be able to rely on your bankers to assist you and continue to help you grow in this economy while also managing your risk.”


Considering the volatility of the marketplace, it’s important to have a dedicated banker on your team who is able to offer advice and counsel.

At Two Rivers Bank & Trust, our bankers, like Eric Tagmeier, are equipped with the products and services they need to help you.

“That’s my favorite part of working here,” Tagmeier said. “We are set up to help business owners and be an asset to them.”

Learn more about the services we can offer you, the business owner, in the coming year. We want to be your neighbor!