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Dr. Steven Titus, J.D., Ph.D

“My Two Rivers helps make the mission of Iowa Wesleyan University possible.”

President of Iowa Wesleyan University, Steven Titus, J.D., Ph.D., is grateful for Two Rivers’ partnership in serving southeast Iowa and the surrounding rural communities. Together, Two Rivers and Iowa Wesleyan are continuing to unlock the potential and invest in the future of the region. “Our mission and vision would not be possible today without the support of the dedicated and vital community resource that is Two Rivers,” Dr. Titus said. The partnership, Dr. Titus explained, is one of mutual respect and dedication, as Two Rivers has seen the university through exciting changes. “This partnership enables us to continue to advance our strategic agenda and forward momentum in the region and beyond.”

-Dr. Steven Titus, J.D., Ph.D, Mt. Pleasant
Iowa Wesleyan University