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Enjoy the Benefits of Joint Accounts at Two Rivers Bank & Trust

So you’re getting married. Or, you are married. Congratulations! Join the more than 65% of people in committed relationships who share a joint bank account.

Since you’re sharing your life, why not share accounts? At Two Rivers Bank & Trust, we have many checking account options for you to open with your significant other. If you’re not sure which one is right for you, we can help you figure it out.

Aimee Bruckner, Branch Manager in Iowa City, explained that there is not one right answer for everyone.

“It just depends on what account will meet your needs,” she said. “We’ll ask you questions like, ‘How much do you plan on keeping in the account? Are you wanting to earn interest? and How often do you use your debit card?’”

From there, you can begin to reap the benefits of having a joint account.

“As a married person myself, my husband and I find it’s easier to pay your bills out of one joint account,” Bruckner said. “You never have to transfer money and bounce between accounts. Not to mention, it’s easier to keep track of monthly spending and budgeting.”

If there are two of you contributing to the account, your account fees should be minimal, if anything at all. In fact, our Free Checking doesn’t have monthly service fees.

“Nobody has time to manage and keep track of two accounts at one time,” she explained. “We’re all busy, so having a joint account takes part of the load off your shoulders.”

At Two Rivers, we can help make your life easier, too! Come talk with us about your needs for a joint account.

“We care about doing what’s best for the customer,” Bruckner said. “We want to exceed your expectations and give you a product that works for you.”

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