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From Your Neighborhood to Your New Home

For every milestone, Two Rivers Bank & Trust will be there
for you. Mother and daughter unpacking boxes in garageSummertime is in full swing, and it’s a very popular time to buy a new home. Two Rivers has some advice for you before you take the plunge into the housing market.

Ben Lanz, Two Rivers Retail Loan Officer, suggests taking a deep breath first. “Don’t rush. Buying a home is one of the biggest investments you’ll make,” he said. “At Two Rivers, we can help.”

Your budget doesn’t stop at your mortgage: Look at ALL the expenses. Call the utility companies that service the house you are considering and ask for an estimate of what the cost will be, whether there are any budget plans available, etc.

Have a check-list: “Write down the needs and wants you have, what the neighborhood is like, and other necessities,” Lanz advised. “Make sure you bring the checklist with you when you look at houses.”

Some things never change: The tried and true advice about home buying is still relevant — have an emergency fund, save for a down payment of 20 percent, get your credit in line, and don’t buy more than you can afford.

“You need to prepare your credit for buying a house,” Lanz explained. “The more you are able to put down the more you will save in interest paid. Depending on what you are able to save you may even be able to avoid private mortgage insurance.” He also suggests paying off your credit cards and not letting your credit card balances exceed 30% of available credit.

Two Rivers has wonderful people who are happy to help you through the mortgage process.

“We take the time to talk to each customer about their finances to determine the best options for them,” Lanz said. “We believe it’s our job to make sure our customers can succeed. Taking time with each of them is something we do to assure they get the specific loan product that works best for them.”

“Buying a home is one of the biggest investments you’ll make,” Lanz explained. “Don’t make a hasty decision. Take it seriously and talk with the experienced lenders at Two Rivers to get advice.”

Come visit us! We’d love to help you get the keys to your dream home. What a milestone!