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Ways to Keep Your Employees Happy

On average, a person will hold 12 jobs in his or her lifetime. Most people will also change jobs four times before they’re 30. Gone are the days when most employees would stay at one organization for 30 years.

So, how do you get people to stay?Employee Retention

As a small business, you might find it difficult to offer your employees everything a Fortune 500 company can. But, you’ll be excited to know that people tend to be loyal to organizations that provide them other benefits and a positive work environment, not just a large paycheck.

Rhonda Carlston, Vice President, Human Resources Officer at Two Rivers, said the culture of an organization is really crucial.

“Culture is not how a company describes itself; culture is how the employees describe the company,” Carlston explained. “At Two Rivers, we have programs that allow our employees to give back to the community. What’s important to our employees is important to us!”

Building a sense of community within your organization can help your employees feel more invested in your mission and goals. Doing this requires excellent communication skills – something you should keep in mind when hiring new employees.

“At Two Rivers, every job requires a different set of qualifications but we look for certain basic characteristics in everyone,” Carlston said. “New employees really need to be good communicators. Two Rivers is about building relationships with our customers, with our community, and with each other.”

Another way your business can encourage employees to stay is to make them feel valued. “Celebrate the successes, big or small, of your teams and individual employees,” Carlston suggested.

Feeling valued by an employer also means employees feel safe to voice their concerns, questions, and ideas to management.

“We like to have open and honest conversation with our employees to ensure we are on the same page,” she explained. “Sometimes what employers think and what employees think are not always aligned. You can amend that with satisfaction surveys or focus groups.”

We know that happy employees are more productive employees and once a company culture is established it is difficult to change. When you’re looking to hire new employees consider how they will fit in your organization’s culture and if your organization is the right match for them.

If you want to provide your employees a benefits package, come talk with us! At Two Rivers, we can help tailor a benefits package for your business.