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Understanding FAFSA reports

College BlogWe know college is expensive. We also know FAFSA forms can be confusing and oftentimes not enough to help with the burden of tuition. The average amount of money left on the table per eligible high school graduate who didn’t apply was $1,861.

Two Rivers partners with Iowa Student Loans to offer the Partnership Advance Education Loan.  It’s a way to supplement your FAFSA loans or whichever existing loan option you use. We also offer loan calculators.

Kerry L. Kreiss, Retail Loan Officer at Two Rivers, enjoys being able to help local youth.

“I like helping students obtain their goal of continuing education,” she said. “Whatever we can do to help facilitate that and make them successful is what we should do.”

No matter your financial aid situation in college it is always nice to save an extra dollar when you can. Here are some ways for your college student to save.

  1. Understand the power of your student ID. There are many places where you can save big time because you’re a student.
  1. Buy in bulk. During the year you can save hundreds by buying in bulk.
  1. Use campus amenities. Don’t join a gym, odds are, your campus has a free fitness center! Before you go out, see if there are any shows or activities on campus.

Two Rivers is here for every milestone in your life. Come talk with us about planning for student loans.