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National Make A Difference Day

At Two Rivers Bank & Trust we like to take advantage of every opportunity we have to make a difference in someone’s life.

For example, Ashley from our Mt. Pleasant branch enjoys greeting our customers with a song!

Senior Branch Manager Linda Springsteen in Mediapolis says here at Two Rivers, that’s how we aim to treat each and every one of our customers.

“When our customers walk through the door, we always greet them and try to make them feel special,” said Springsteen. “We get to know our customers, not just on a financial level, but on a personal level. It’s not just coming in to take care of a transaction, and then they’re out the door. We like to have friendly conversations where we have the opportunity to ask them about their families, their trips, or anything else that’s happening in their lives.”

What Linda said goes to show that it doesn’t take a lot of time, or even a lot of energy, to positively impact someone’s life, which is why we want you to dedicate a portion of your day to Make a Difference.

Springsteen even had some great suggestions for how you can get involved. “When you’re walking down the street, say ‘hello’ to somebody or open a door for someone walking in somewhere. You could even call your neighbor to see if there’s something special you could do for them. Whether it’s raking leaves or fixing a meal, just offer to do something special for them.”

You could smile at a stranger, tell a friend you appreciate them, send someone a hand-written card, donate your time or volunteer. Whatever you decide, Springsteen believes it’s important to remember this:

“Just try to do what’s best for your community and your neighbors. At Two Rivers Bank & Trust, we like to make sure that we make a difference in everybody’s life, every day.”


At Two Rivers Bank & Trust, we want every day to be Make A Difference Day! Become part of our neighborhood that makes a difference.