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Tips on how to frugally find your way through wedding season

Who knew having so many friends could come back to haunt you? Between flights, hotels, gifts, attire, etc… weddings don’t just add up for the bride and groom, but for their guests too. Here are a few tips to make it through wedding season with your savings still intact.

Credit card rewards

Two Rivers Bank and Trust offers rewards for simply using your credit card. It’s essentially free money you can redeem on flights, hotels, gift cards, merchandise, food, and more. Look into all of the benefits your Two Rivers Bank and Trust card offers. If you have a lot of weddings further away this summer, redeem those rewards and put them toward your airfare and lodging.

“One of our options is that you get one point for every one dollar that you spend or, for the cash reward, you get one percent cash reward back,” said Two Rivers Bank & Trust Teller Supervisor Kristin Fritz. “It’s easy and not all of the cards out there offer those great kick-backs and rewards, so in that sense, it makes you feel better about your spending.”

Compare lodging rates

The bride and groom will often reserve a block of rooms at a specific hotel close to their wedding venue at a group rate. But, that doesn’t mean you need to stay there. Shop around. If the pricing for the “suggested” hotel is out of your price range, there’s nothing wrong with staying another mile or two down the road for half the cost.

If the wedding you’re attending will have a big group of your friends in attendance, suggest renting a house for a couple days through Airbnb or another short-term rental site. This allows for multiple people to split the cost of the rental, and if the house comes with a kitchen, you can save on food too!

Keep it simple

Men don’t necessarily rack up the bucks on wedding attire. They can usually get away with throwing on their usual suit, picking out a tie, and they’re set. Unfortunately, women don’t have it that easy. For starters, (most) women know that they should never show up the bride by arriving in an eye-popping ensemble. If they wear a dress that’s appropriate and memorable, they likely won’t want to wear it to another wedding where the same people will be present. So what’s a girl to do?

According to, women are not encouraged to wear a printed dress to a wedding because prints are remembered. If you’re looking to get a little more bang for your buck, opt for a solid color and spice it up with accessories. Change out scarves, jewelry, shoes, handbags, etc… These items will cost a lot less than a completely new outfit from scratch.

Use your Two Rivers Bank & Trust Credit Card

Take full advantage of your purchases by investing in a card that invests in you.

“You can use it anywhere. As far as lodging, you’re getting those points back. Or, when you buy the gift, you’re going to get rewards that you can use on something else along the way. So, you’re getting a kick-back whenever you are making a purchase of any kind,” said Fritz.

One thing you should never leave behind during wedding weekends is your Two Rivers Bank & Trust Credit Card. Whether it’s the hotel room, night-of attire, or the pedicure the week before, the Two Rivers Bank & Trust Credit Card is where you have your choice of card and your choice of rewards, perfect for your spending needs.