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Oh the places you’ll go: Banking conveniently while in college

ICollege Blogs your child heading off to college in the fall? Ensure your child has a bank they can trust and rely on when moving to college—like Two Rivers Bank & Trust! Even if they’re not home, you can still bring the feeling of home to them with excellent financial care and guidance.

“When it comes to banking for college students, convenience is the biggest thing. Make sure that you have the ability to bank from anywhere using tools like mobile deposit, online banking and more,” explains Two Rivers Bank & Trust AVP – Community Banking, Liz Ross. “At Two Rivers, we want to create a seamless online banking experience for busy college students on-the-go through a variety of convenient tools!”

Here are four ways Two Rivers makes banking convenient when you head off to college!

  1. Mobile Deposit—Deposit checks from anywhere—even your bed! With Mobile Deposit, one of Two Rivers’ newest perks, college students can deposit birthday money, their roommate’s rent check or even their friend’s repayment from last weekend’s awesome concert without ever having to leave the house! Perfect for a student without access to a nearby ATM or branch, Mobile Deposit is just another way to bank when it’s convenient for your schedule.
  2. Online and Mobile Banking—Access your accounts from anywhere, anytime with Online and Mobile Banking. View your account balances, transfer money, monitor transactions, make loan payments, set up recurring transfers and more—all from your computer, tablet or smartphone. With Online and Mobile Banking, you can carry your accounts with you wherever you go. It’s safe and secure, and you can even set up free text or email alerts to stay on top of your accounts when your schedule starts to seem overwhelming!

“Two Rivers Bank is your home away from home,” explains Ross. “You’re in a new neighborhood, and we’ll welcome you as your new neighbor. Being away is hard enough—you have new roommates, you’re trying to find your classes and trying to meet new people. At Two Rivers, we make it easier for you by providing tools that make banking convenient for your schedule.”

3. Electronic statements—It’s surprising how much of our financial lives is automated now! With automated payments coming out of your accounts—like Netflix, Spotify and Hulu—it’s important to monitor your account to see when money is coming and going. electronic statements are available online 24/7 and allow you to view current and past statements without having to dig through a mess of papers in your dorm room!

“When it comes to automated payments, they are often ‘out of sight, out of mind,’” says Ross. “Viewing your electronic statements provides an opportunity to think about all of the places you currently spend money. Use this time to perform a ‘self-check’ to see if you really need to be spending the money that is coming out of your accounts through automated payments. Additionally, review to make sure you don’t see any payments that you haven’t setup on your account. ”

4. Online Account Opening and Online Chat—If you’re new to our neighborhood and are looking to switch banks, Two Rivers is here to help! Make the transition to college stress-free by opening an account online with Two Rivers Bank & Trust—if you need assistance, you can utilize our online chat option without ever having to leave campus!

“Opening an account online is the easiest way to open an account for most college students,” explains Ross. “At Two Rivers Bank & Trust, you don’t even have to come into the bank to open that account. We know that students’ time is valuable, so we make switching as smooth and seamless as possible.”

Remember, “Today is your day. You’re off to Great Places! You’re off and away,” Dr. Seuss.

As your neighborhood bank, Two Rivers Bank & Trust is here to help you through the transition into college. Remember that managing your money doesn’t have to be difficult. With convenient services from Two Rivers, you can access your accounts—and your money—anytime, anywhere. Contact us to learn more!