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Fun, Cheap Projects to Try This Weekend

Do you love crafting? Get your creative juices flowing this weekend with these fun, budget-friendly DIY projects!

“I love crafting and creating new things,” says Two Rivers Bank & Trust Loan and Client Services Administrator Jade Huls. “I’ve actually been doing a lot of DIY projects for my wedding this summer. It’s a great way to save some money, while also creating one-of-a-kind, unique pieces.”

  1. Sharpie Mugs

Do you have some mugs that need sprucing up? Personalize your plain white mugs with SSharpie Mugharpies! You can use Sharpies to add some personality to your mugs at home, or even give them away to your friends or family as gifts—great for birthdays, anniversaries or baby showers! Click here to learn how to make some ultimate Sharpie mugs. Psst … remember to only use oil-based Sharpies when making these mugs.


  1. Chalkboard Signs

Chalkboard FramThis weekend, turn an inexpensive frame into a chalkboard sign—perfect for your mud room or kitchen. First, you’ll need to find the perfect frame (paint or decorate it any way you’d like). Next, paint the back board of the frame using chalkboard paint—depending on the frame, you may need to buy a piece of wood for this step. After the paint has dried, put the chalkboard inside the frame and hang—it’s that easy! For a full project tutorial, click here.


  1. Drawer Shelves

Turn old dresser drawers into beautiful new shelves for your home. You can paint the drawers Drawersand customize them to better fit a specific room in your home—try using colorful or printed drawer liners for a great “wow” factor. Drawer shelves can be a particularly great option for narrow spaces, such as the space between a wall and door, or in a smaller bathroom.


“I’ve never tried this particular DIY project,” explains Huls, “but I’m looking forward to giving it a shot!”


  1. Terrarium

TerrariumGo green this weekend with a homemade terrarium. A terrarium is the perfect addition to any room in the house—especially with summer right around the corner. All you need is a glass jar, rocks or pebbles, potting soil and plants. You can also add figurines or sticks to your terrarium for some added flare. For a step-by-step tutorial, click here.

  1. Picture Gallery Wall

Gallery WallShowcase your most treasured family moments and make a statement with a stunning gallery wall. Whether you upcycle older picture frames, or purchase new ones, a gallery wall is a low cost way to up the design factor of your home. Take a look at these gallery wall tips before getting started to ensure your gallery wall showcases your artwork in the best way possible.


  1. Glitter-Dipped Mason Jars

Mason Jars“Glitter-dipped mason jars are a cool way to add some class to a boring jar—I’m actually making these for my wedding,” says Huls. “We will be using them as centerpieces for the tables at our reception. I had to make 60 of them! It took a lot of work, but they turned out great.”


Receive a full tutorial on how to make these mason jars here.



Which project will you try? Don’t forget to share photos of your final work in the comments.